Window Cleaners in Eastbourne

Call Pureshine Window Cleaners in Eastbourne for a free quote on all your window cleaning needs, offering a complete service from domestic properties including gutters and conservatory roofs to shops and commercial premises i.e. factories, shopping centres.

We always strive to keep our prices competitive.  We use a water fed pole system which enables us to reach high and difficult to reach areas  up to 60ft in height from the safety of the ground. Our window cleaners in Eastbourne Sussex offer a specialised service to our customers which is why we concentrate exclusively on window cleaning.

Our window cleaners in Eastbourne use a water fed pole system which does not require ladders or scaffolding.  This does not do any damage to your paintwork or windows and ensures your property is cared for.  After use the water runs away naturally without ruining your garden.  We supply our own filtered water in our own van.  We use telescopic poles to reach awkward windows which results in a safe and speedy service that is gentle and safe for  the ground and your windows - whether they are wooden, PVC or metal framed.   Let us quote you for clean, shiny window cleaning in Eastbourne!